Spring 2018 Arboriculture Course at SBCC

The SBCC Environmental Horticulture Program & Bill Spiewak invite you to: EH 201-Arboriculture: The Study of Trees Shrubs & Vines


Course Description and Objectives

This comprehensive class will teach students how to manage trees, shrubs, and vines based on four disciplines of practice.  These include:

  1. Observations and fact-finding: Understanding plant benefits, species profile, form, function, and integration with the site.
  2. Science and Environment: The application of biology, chemistry and physics relative to the plant, the site, and the environment.
  3. Assessment and diagnostics: Analysis of observations and fact-finding, in conjunction with scientific knowledge, and how it directs our assessment and diagnostic process.
  4. Plant Health Care and Treatments: Appropriate actions based on the components of plant health care that includes species selection, planting and establishment, pruning, safety, cabling, bracing, staking, watering, fertilizing, and pest control.

Enhance your professional career by learning about:

Natural characteristics – Every woody plant has a natural form that can work with or against a landscape. Learn about form and function; the right tree in the right place can help insure long-term success in the garden.

The parts & processes– The plant organs: roots, stems and leaves, each have significant functions. Yet pruning, root cutting, soil and water management and other treatments may negatively impact the condition of a plant. Learn about the cause and effects of plant care.

Soil, water & fertilizer management can create plant problems. Learn about the physical, chemical and biological aspects of soil and how we can improve or destroy root ecosystems 12” below the ground. Why do trees often decline after construction projects?

Diagnostics –Tips for diagnosing problems can lead to success in controlling pest and disease, and assist in making good plant choices for the landscape.

• Santa Barbara City College: Room A 162 – Course # EH201
• Monday evenings, beginning January 22, 2016.
The class is 14 – Monday night sessions from 6:10pm – 8:20 pm. And 6 Saturday afternoons from 1:15pm-4:15pm.
• A total of 3 units as an elective in the Environmental Horticulture Program.
Instructed by:
• Bill Spiewak – ISA Board Certified Master Arborist #310B and ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist #381
For more course info – call Bill Spiewak at (805) 331-4075
Or email bill@santabarbaraarborist.com


Call for registration dates at SBCC – 965-0581


  1. Bill,
    I am so grateful for your teaching on tree botany. I am taking Bob Cummings class online, Plant Diversity, and able to keep up from the knowledge you gave me.

  2. Cinthia, I am glad that my class was rewarding. I took Bob’s class many years ago (Plant Bio) and his teaching inspired me. He is awesome and I hope you send him my best. I thought he retired? I guess on-line is the way to go for us aging dudes. Perhaps I’ll get there soon.

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