My recent adventure on the 2012 Tour Des Trees along with more than 100 riders and support team brought in $500,000 for tree research. This massive fundraising effort, the largest of its kind in the country, was an inspiring 6.25days of cycling 565 miles. Our challenging ride along the Oregon Coast, Clackamas and Columbia Rivers, and the Mt. Hood portion of the Cascade Range, was truly incredible.  Below is a brief pictorial summary of our activities from August 5, 2012 though August 12, 2012.

A group of riders anxiously milling about prior to our early morning launch
Riders getting bikes ready
A surrealistic shot of the quiet and secluded bike trail through an Oregon forest
Seaside, Oregon
Two of my northern California buddies: center is Gary Aborjena and right is Randy Hopp
A bunch of bikes lined up early one evening after a day of hard work. Hotels provided meeting rooms for bike storage. In addition, our bike mechanics and masseuses utilized these rooms for necessary personal and mechanical maintenance (see the feet-mid left)
Nothing like riding along an open peaceful road…where’s the traffic?
The Oregon coast has many beautiful sites to behold
Gotta love those descents!
A relaxing lunch stop at Stoller Vineyards, Dayton Oregon
The Clackamas River
Riding east along the Clackamas River with the mountainous slopes to the north
Climbing to Mt. Hood. That was a long uphill day although the big eight mile climb was the next day

Very inspiring scenery for the rider

The eight mile climb-the long and not so winding road
Finally..a sweet left turn after the eight mile climb
Multnomah Falls along the historic Columbia River Highway
An overlook along the Columbia River

Treevents during our community stops along the route, provided great educational opportunities and tree plantings for kids and adults.

Our very own Dr. Ellwood Pricklethorn, aka Warren Hoselton, from Toronto, prior to one of the treevents
Tour riders planting trees with kids from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Oregon
Are these pod kids hanging from a web of alien tree climbers? Actually its a learn to climb activitity at the International Tree Climbers Competition in Portland at the end of our journey
Weird Oregon tree people hanging out in a local mall
Riders preparing for the short little 25 mile loop on day seven, the grand finale through Portland. We had just completed our 540-mile six day training ride prior to this final event
The leader of my support group and favorite member. Can you believe she still supports me after 33 years. Life is good!

I know I’m back for more next year and I also encourage you; but it fills up fast so stay tuned (you don’t have to be in the tree care industry to become part of this movement). To see where the funds go, click on TREE FUND.  Cheers, until next year in Toronto… G-d willin’ and the creeks don’t rise!

Thanks for your support.  How can I help you with your trees?

Treemendously yours, Bill Spiewak


  1. Bill
    I think you need to target the consumer not the service provider. The purchaser of the service drives the results. Without seeing the photos of the trees before pruning, especially the Sycamores, it is difficult to know why the decisions where made to make the cuts made.
    As for the Lemmon Eucs, the real problem was years of no pruning. Again, the fault of the owner.
    I just visited your city a couple of weeks ago, spectacular. I rode Gibralter and it nearly killed my buddy. Great riding in your area.
    Out on the bike I noticed that your community has above average tree care. There are some tirds in your punch bowl, and that will never stop. In my opinion, formative years pruning, species selection, and thoughtful placement is really the only hope for creating specimens that will last centuries.
    I think the birds you mentioned were Ravins, but that is a matter of a “pinion”. Remember the old joke?
    Just a lumber Jack. Brian Gates

    1. Brian,
      You crossed a lot of territory there. Lots of blogs, so little time. Yes, we do offer some great riding opportunities and I look forward to my eighth Tour des Trees this summer. Thanks for the feedback.

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