Hundreds of Limbs Supporting Millions of Trees (aka Kids, Adults, & Trees Win)

The first part of this title is written on the brochure distributed by the TREE FUND.  The limbs are the arms and legs belonging to over 100 cyclists and support crew participating in the 20th annual Tour des Trees.  Kids, adults, and trees are the benefactors. This week-long 585 mile bicycling trek begins in Portland on August 5th.  The tour heads west to the ocean, then down the coast, turning east into the Oregon Cascade Mountain Range, and finally looping back to arrive in Portland on August 11th. I’ve ridden in six tours since 2000, but took the last six years off; Now I’m older and wiser…and back to join the team.

Past Tour des Trees Group Shot.  This year there are twice the number of riders and support group.

The Tour des Trees is one of the United States’ greatest fundraising events to support research on trees and their care.  The not-for-profit TREE Fund (Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund) has been working to provide money for research, scholarships and training in the arboriculture industry.  Since its inception in 1992, the Tour des Trees has raised over $5,000,000 for the TREE Fund.  During our preplanned “treevents”, we will have many opportunities to plant trees with children and adults along the route through the coastal and mountainous communities of Oregon.

Planting and teaching along the tour route
All in a day’s ride
Our own Warren Hoselton, aka Professor Picklethorn is a hit with the kids
Professor Picklethorn in the classroom

Why support tree issues when there are so many other worthy causes?  Our urban forests are vital to the ecology of our communities and the quality of our lives.  Trees provide oxygen, cool the air, filter out dirt and other particulates, offer beauty and recreational benefits and make our neighborhoods a better place to live.  Thanks to research I’ve been able to practice better controls for pests and diseases and improved tree care that effects our oaks, pines, and numerous other species in our urban forest.  I have also participated in and observed improved industry standards due to scientific research and training.  The much-needed TREE Fund plays an important role in contributing to this advancement.

You can see Professor Picklethorn in action by clicking here.

I invite you to take this opportunity to support our urban forest and become a contributor in the 2012 Tour des Trees.  If you choose to help, please, please, please, click here to DONATE TO TREES.

All tour expenses are covered by the corporate sponsors you’ll see on the web site, which means your contribution goes completely toward research, training, and scholarships.  Stay updated throughout the tour by following  Thank you for your support.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

This is one way that I can make a treemendous difference!

Treemendously yours,

Bill Spiewak

The Lighter Side of Trees

Field notes from my tour in the deep south. A tree house being built from the inside out.


  1. Hey Bill, I’m really happy you decided to come out of “retirement” and ride another Tour. Good for you, good for the Tour! During my years with the Tour, you were a great asset… excellent fund-raiser, strong rider, AND I always appreciated your positive pleasant presence! Wish I could be sharing the ride with you this year!! Lookin’ forward to exploring your blog when I get some spare time… So great to see you in SB! Blessings, Karlos

    1. Karlos,
      Retirement? What’s that? I needed a goal to get out of my slump. It seems to be working. Regarding past tours, you were a great leader and inspiring to all. Perhaps you’ll get back in as a rider some day. Great to see you. Peace be with you Rev.

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